Just a quick reminder that if you have any forms relating to the notification of the grant of EMI options (on HMRC Form EMI1) to file, you should ensure that you get them to the Revenue by 5 April 2014 – so effectively by Friday of this week.

After this, HMRC will no longer accept paper notifications.  If you miss this deadline, you will have to submit the notifications of grants online, which cannot be done until you have registered and self-certified your EMI plan with HMRC, also online.  HMRC have warned that this can take a while, which will eat into your 92-day notification period.  In addition, under the new regime in the Finance Bill 2014 you will have to obtain from each of the participants a declaration that they satisfy the EMI “working time” requirement.

Otherwise, you have up until 6 July 2015 to register and self-certify your plan.