Here is a compilation of our award winning publications, including materials from recent UK Pensions campaigns and other regular briefings notes.


Pensions Life Hacks

Pensions Life Hacks

In our new series, Pensions Life Hacks, we provide top tips to help trustees deal with tricky situations. These are based on issues that we have come across in practice and we would like to help you to avoid the pitfalls.

Attentions Pensions



#PensionsTensions – New Dimensions 2021

Our latest phase of our #PensionsTensions campaign, exploring the current challenges faced by trustees and sponsoring employers of occupational pension schemes

#PensionsTensions 2020

Our 2020 campaign explores the current challenges being faced by UK pension schemes and the socioeconomic impact of COVID-19.

#How2DoPensions Quick Guides

Access to more than 20 quick guides providing an overview and tips on key recurring issues that trustees and sponsors of occupational pension schemes are likely to encounter.

#MeetPAUL: Protect Against Unmitigated Liabilities

Our 10 factsheets are designed to help pension schemes “Protect Against Unmitigated Liabilities” (PAUL), by considering pensions risks that fall outside The Pensions Regulator’s Integrated Risk Management Framework.

Pensions Lessons for Trustees: Back to Basics

Pensions Lessons for Trustees

Pensions Lessons is our annual back-to-school themed publication setting out the pensions curriculum for the year ahead and setting out the actions to be taken.

Hot Topics in Pensions

Our quarterly publication summarises the top 10 current pensions issues for trustees and sponsoring employers in just two pages.

Pensions Weekly Updates

Brief weekly summaries of key legal and regulatory developments relevant to occupational pension schemes with links for further information.