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UK Budget 2014 – employment tax

The Budget did not contain much that was new in relation to employment tax issues. Many of the measures had been previously announced. However, there has been further information published in the past week and today in relation to a number of changes, including revisions to the legislation on dual employment contracts and further guidance on … Continue Reading

UK Budget 2014 – all quiet on the share plans front

Today’s Budget was notable for the absence of announcements relating to employee share plans. So, despite the calls for it to be abolished, employee shareholder status lives to fight another day. This is perhaps not surprising given the enthusiasm George Osborne showed for the concept when it was first announced. As we have commented, ESS … Continue Reading

UK Budget 2014 – pension reforms announced

Written by Catherine McKenna Major reforms have been proposed in the Budget to the tax regime for defined contribution pensions to introduce much greater flexibility on how accumulated savings can be used. No changes were announced to the annual and lifetime limits (which reduce in April). From 27 March 2014 the amount of guaranteed pensions … Continue Reading