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Mind your head(room)! Further moves to limit UK executive pay?

Legal & General Investment Management (LGIM) recently published its Corporate Governance & Responsible Investment Policy – UK  and backed it up with a letter to the chairs of the FTSE350.  Looking at the section on remuneration (the largest part), there is a strong sense of déjà vu.  Not surprising really, since LGIM is a member … Continue Reading

Plus ça change: amendment to principles of UK executive remuneration

As we previously reported, the guidelines on executive remuneration (formerly known as the ABI guidelines) have now come under the auspices of the Investment Association (“IA”).  As usual at this time of year, the guidelines (or principles, as we should now call them) have been dusted down. The only substantive change to the principles is that long-term incentives … Continue Reading

Is it permISSible? Yet more guidelines on UK directors’ remuneration

Institutional Shareholder Services (ISS) recently released its first stand-alone UK and Ireland Proxy Voting Guidelines (previously, ISS and the NAPF issued guidelines through Research Recommendations and Electronic Voting, their joint venture which came to an end in June 2014). The guidelines apply to shareholder meetings held on or after 1 February 2015.  In the area of … Continue Reading

FTSE100 DRRs and AGMs – our first bloody nose as the March-end AGMs begin

Despite it being only a couple of weeks since the December year-end FTSE100 companies’ AGM season finished (details on the results at that point were contained in our previous blog post), we have now begun the March year-end FTSE100 companies’ AGMs.  Week one saw three FTSE100 companies hold their AGMs, with one of them resulting in our … Continue Reading

ABI guidelines on UK executive remuneration: under new ownership

The investment affairs arm of the Association of British Insurers (ABI), which amongst other things issues the influential guidelines on executive remuneration for UK quoted companies, has merged with the Investment Management Association (IMA).  The IMA represents the UK investment management industry, its members managing assets worth over £4.5 trillion.  The merged organisation is to be called … Continue Reading

“Emergency” discretion in the spotlight – yet another clarifying addendum to a DRR

Pearson has followed in the footsteps of Aberdeen Asset Management, Compass, Imperial Tobacco and TUI Travel, and has become the fifth FTSE 100 company to release a statement to clarify certain aspects of the remuneration policy after the publication of its DRR. What next? The full details of Pearson’s addendum are below. In short, the … Continue Reading

Fair exchange is no robbery – the ABI’s Investor Exchange mechanism

The Association of British Insurers (ABI) has recently published its paper “Collective Engagement Investor Exchange”, giving details of how its Investor Exchange mechanism, one of the means of improving shareholder engagement suggested in its July 2013 report on Corporate Governance and Shareholder Engagement, will work in practice. Invitations to meetings set up between the ABI … Continue Reading