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Bringing UK “big business” into line: corporate governance reform

As trailed in our recent blog post, the green paper on the reform of corporate governance was published today by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (formerly BIS).  The paper sets out 14 questions for consultation. The consultation covers three main areas: executive pay, “which has grown much faster over the last two … Continue Reading

A brake on executive pay? More on employee representation on boards

Tucked away right at the end of Prime Minister’s questions yesterday, immediately before the Autumn Statement, was a very short question: “Does the Prime Minister believe that big companies should put a worker on the board?”  Given recent headlines such as “Theresa May backtracks on putting workers on company boards” (The Telegraph, 21 November) and … Continue Reading

Board games: Employees to be fairly represented on the boards of UK companies?

Originally mooted by Theresa May during the hustings for the leadership of the Conservative Party (see our report), the proposal to enable employee representation on the Boards of UK companies finally assumed the status of formal government policy on Wednesday (5th October 2016) with the measure being specifically mentioned in the Prime Minister’s closing speech to … Continue Reading

Board stiff? – employee representatives on UK plc boards

As we reported previously, one of Theresa May’s promises at the hustings for party leader was to introduce employee representation on the boards of big businesses, as part of the drive to control executive remuneration. The feasibility and potential pitfalls of this idea are considered in this thought-provoking post on our Employment Law Worldview blogsite.… Continue Reading

High Pay Centre: “No Routine Riches”

The High Pay Centre, well known in the UK for its opposition to the trend for higher executive pay, published its latest report on Wednesday.  The catchy title “No Routine Riches” reflects the inevitable conclusions that the current approach to executive pay is misconceived.  The main headline-catching recommendation is that companies should drop their LTIPs … Continue Reading

General Election: SNP manifesto follows the Lib Dem lead…

In our blog posts last week we reported on the Labour and Liberal Democrat manifesto pledges affecting executive remuneration.  The Scottish National Party has now published its manifesto, which picks up similar themes.  The SNP has a number of policies relating to strengthening the position of trade unions in the workplace, with part of the … Continue Reading

General Election: Lib Dems outbid Labour on executive pay?

In our previous blog post, we reviewed the Labour Party’s Manifesto commitments on executive pay.  While the Liberal Democrat Manifesto lacks the intrigue of Labour’s commitment to simplify executive pay packages, it is still an interesting read for followers of the ongoing efforts to reel in executive pay. They start with the relatively benign “We will … Continue Reading

General Election: Labour shows its cards on executive pay?  

Tucked away in the Labour Manifesto are some interesting proposals to counter short-termism in the British economy.  There are three specific proposals on executive pay: Improving the link between executive pay and performance by simplifying pay packages. Employee representation on remuneration committees. Fund managers to disclose how they vote on top pay. The simplification of pay … Continue Reading