My school reports were always pretty good. I was, in fact, what was known as “a bit of a swot” in the 1980s. My friend, however, lacked enthusiasm. One year her physics report read: “Last year I said that [name] had reached rock bottom; this year, she has started to dig in.” We thought it was funny at the time (although her parents did not). My friend is now a teacher.

In our Pensions Lessons for Trustees publication we take you back to school and set out 21 subjects that may require your attention. For some trustees, this will be a revision exercise and many boxes will already have been ticked. For other trustees, our publication may act as a useful reminder of matters that need to be timetabled into forthcoming trustee meeting agendas. Our publication is accompanied by a checklist to help trustees on their way to becoming A* students.

Would your pension plan currently be marked as “excellent” or as “room for improvement”? Either way, let’s recognise that UK pensions is a particularly complicated area. I hope that our publication will be useful in guiding you through some of the difficult topics.