The rate of publication of FTSE100 Directors’ Remuneration Reports during the course of last week, whilst not at the level seen at the very start of the month, was pretty impressive.  Another eight FTSE100 DRRs were released which, added to the nine released the week before and the eleven published prior to March, means we now have the DRRs for over a quarter of the index.

The FTSE100 companies that published their DRRs in the week commencing 10 March 2014 were:

  • Admiral Group
  • Bunzl
  • CRH
  • Carnival
  • Hammerson
  • Reed Elsevier
  • Rio Tinto
  • Royal Dutch Shell

The newly released DRRs will inevitably continue to provide food for thought for those Remuneration Committee members in the drafting and approval stages to digest.  And for those that have already published, it is worth keeping an eye on how the rest of the market is dealing with the new disclosure provisions.

Almost half of the FTSE100 is a December 2013 year end company which has not yet published its DRR, with a quarter of the index still operating in the financial year that will be subject to the regulations.  Expect DRRs to be released regularly for the next few weeks.

As mentioned in our blog post last week, we are maintaining a single source document which will keep track of the FTSE100 DRRs that have been released, along with details of the voting from last year’s and this year’s AGMs in respect of the DRRs.